A Flowerful Rendition

butterfly and flowers


Selma felt abundant joy to learn names of different flowers. Be it her school garden or the park near her house, she took great pride in carrying conversations with her beloved flowers.

One day, when her teacher was making the class memorise the names of the flowers Selma cherished every bit of it. The teacher would first show the picture of the flower, then emphasise on their colours and finally move over to tell their spellings. The flower names, “….lilies, sunflower, jasmine, rose..” could spot their identities in her mind instantaneously.

The Sunday morning always had a pleasant meaning, with the songs of the koel reaching to the comfort of the ears; and if it rained by any chance, joys would resound.

Selma opened her starlit eyes to the thought of a weekly holiday. Smiling the brightest, she had known, how heartiest it was a feeling of riding her bicycle to the park!

She starts talking to the flowers, “Dearest lovelies, you smile even brighter when the butterfly sits on you, I have seen that. Do you smile in a similar manner, when you see me?” The little girl is free with the question and answers round while sitting on her bicycle, or by drawing herself closer to the flowers. On a weekday at this time, Selma would usually wait for her school bus.

Such innocent and friendly is this childhood, that little pleasures come from such minimalistic yet the most precious thoughtfulness.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

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