Chariot Walks ~ Story of a young girl

As a young girl, Sheetal would wonder over why she had wanted more out of her life; more than what she had already achieved. The girl with dreams would pray to her God, to grant her strength while she dreamt of getting into a college that came daily on her way; while she used to visit the city’s hub. At times, for shopping stationary and at the other times few textbooks.

She had always heard that getting into that college was to get decent marks. In a few days, the results came out and her marks were good enough to get her admission to the college she liked the most. Now that she had been admitted to the college of her choice, she wished to get admission into a college of a higher esteem. Then she murmured to herself, “is getting name and fame, the only basis of life?” Sheetal still tried for admission but couldn’t get into the other college.

In the beginning of her college life, the days were very soothing in the essence of the word. Freshness rolled all over and she got love and affection of her teachers. Sooner, Sheetal was an apple of everyone’s eyes. Boys stared at her and she smiled back with grace and charm of a young woman. She had known that youth was a step into the real world. In a few days, she felt an inclination towards a boy in the class named Saumya, who studied the least.

Both of them talked while they walked through the courtyards, to the play fields. Their friendship bloomed into love, over a passage of time. Different emotions calligraphed and the two of them could feel closer to each other.

Sheetal uttered her likeness towards him one day in this manner, “When I see you in the morning, my smile sets upon. I want to come near to you. I keep thinking of you and with that, the day goes; I sleep and I wake up with the same freshness. Life wasn’t like this ever before. Your presence in my life has brought back the actual me. The real me that was unknown is found now.”

He replied very generously; “When I look at you, I feel like embracing your charm with my dreams. You are a flower, the one that flourishes and doesn’t dwarf, but rises with more warmth every other day. The spark in your eyes reverberates in my heart the call of love for you..”

They had known that it was love. The world had given them a chance of being together. They could feel the winds that passed, the rain that fell- at times drizzling, at times unceasing downpour. The priceless moments brought to them the meaning of their lives. Saumya expressed his thoughts and definition of love in this manner, “Love makes you free of the worldly problems and lets you live every moment with a meaning behind it.”

Sheetal had felt that it was for good that things happened. She thanked the Almighty for making her meet Saumya. She felt great joy in knowing, that college had become a reason for their meeting.

The two souls connected with the rhythm of day and night. Clouds in the greyish sky could bring to them imaginations; the moonlit sky could glorify the silence for them, as they thought of each other.

Life was special, they felt its composure in the play fields they walked; the courtyards they passed in bliss and merriment.

Originally published on my blog: on 17th July 2013

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